Name of the foundation:

Stichting Ashot Tigranyan Cultural Foundation


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Goals of the Foundation:

Stichting Ashot Tigranyan aims at promoting music and culture by making both accessible to everyone. It strives to accomplish this goal by promoting cultural exchange, education and supporting the cultural youth. Our activities range from cultural education projects to cultural exchange programs.

Plan of the foundation:

Maestro Ashot Tigranyan’s wish to create even more cultural projects led him to founding the Ashot Tigranyan Cultural Musical Foundation, first established in his homeland Armenia, soon followed by new branches in the United States and most recently The Netherlands.

Our plan is to contribute for the cultural development in the Netherlands by inviting foreign artists to the Netherlands, having them performing together with local artists, create educational projects for schools, children and families.

We are focusing at the moment in Maastricht, Netherlands but our plan is to contribute in the near future for the development of culture in all the Netherlands by providing job opportunities to local young talents.


Over upcoming months, we will be working on establishing partnerships with universities, organizations and institutions in Maastricht, Limburg area and the Netherlands and work as a platform to encourage collaboration with their international counterparts. With support from our sister-foundations we plan to work on our own sustainability as a separate and independent branch by the end of the year.

In order to promote our vision and involve more organizations as partners, our planning for first 3 major and several smaller projects has been initiated, with more collaborations once our local partner base has been expanded. For the next months we will be and looking for partners and sponsors, our area of interest includes:

● Local, national and international universities and conservatories

● Cultural NGO’s institutions and foundations

● Governmental institutions

● Musicians, orchestras and other artists

● Commercial partners


The foundation is managed by executive board consisting of 4 board members, the board does not receive any financial compensation except for reimbursement of expenses. The boards' task is to provide guidance and assistance to our project team.

● Chairman, Maestro Ashot Tigranyan, is a world renowned concert violinist , cultural ambassador and philanthropist. In 2016, Maestro Tigranyan expanded his solo career and founded the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra, where he acts as both lead violinist and conductor. With the CCCO Maestro Tigranyan has toured the world in the most prestigious music halls in Europe and USA.

● Treasury,  Artur Mouradian is the Production Manager at the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra, Treasury of Ashot Tigranyan Cultural Musical Foundation and Chairman of Stichting Muziek voor een Leven. Artur Mouradian studied at the Conservatorium of Maastricht, Netherlands.

● Secretary, Marijk Geweldinger is the founder of Het Bredespoor and a renowned arts educator from Maastricht, Netherlands. Het Bredespoor is an arts school for children. Ms. Geweldinger has been involved in numerous cultural projects for children in the Province of Limburg.

● Board Member, Vartan Tigranyan is the General Manager of the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra and board member of the Ashot Tigranyan Cultural Musical Foundation. Mr. Tigranyan is a violinist with an active cultural life involving different European and American orchestras.


The foundation gathers funding through several ways:

1. profit of activities which are not in disagreement with the foundation's goals.

2. funding and sponsorships.

3. Accidental gifts.


Spending of Funds:

Since its establishment in 2016 there have not been any funds gathered by the foundation. All funds gathered will be used directly to further the goal of the foundation and organise activities.

All leftover funds after cancellation of Stichting Ashot Tigranyan will be donated to Musicians Without Borders. (

Report of performed Activities.

We are working hard at realizing our first projects, this list will be updated when projects have been done.

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